YT_002_0036, Yeshe Tupden on the "Ornament of Reasonings on Valid Cognition" (Tshad ma rigs rgyan) 《量理莊嚴論》 or 《量論理莊嚴》(Tshad ma'i bstan bcos chen mo'i rigs pa'i rgyan)

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rdf:type data:Reused, r4r:RRObject, dcat:Dataset
dcat:themeTaxonomy data:Multimedia
  • Donator: Jeffrey Hopkins
  • Tape recorder: Jeffrey Hopkins
  • Spatial: Tibet
  • Temporal: 15th century
  • Author: Gendun Drub; dge 'dun grub / 根敦竹 (1391-1474)
  • Speaker: Kensur Yeshe Tupden (ye shes thub ldan, b. 1916-1988, 耶喜圖敦喇嘛), Abbot Emeritus of Lo-sel-ling College of Drepung Monastery.
dc:date Recording Date: 1986
  • Recording Location: University of Virginia, U.S.A.
  • 原資料庫網頁(Mp3WebPage):
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  • AcquireMethod: Donated by Jeffrey Hopkins
  • Notes: An encyclopedic reference work on "Four Buddhist Tenets"
  • Duration: 00:45:18
  • FileSize: 234,104 Kb
  • Quantity: 1 file
  • AudioBitRate: 705 Kbps
  • FileType: mp3
  • SampleRate: 44.1 KHz
  • Medium: digital file
  • SingleStereo: single
dc:identifier YT_002_0036
dc:language Tibetan
dc:relation Is Based On: dge 'dun grub's Tshad ma'i bstan bcos chen mo'i rigs pa'i rgyan)
  • OriginalProvider: Jeffrey Hopkins
  • AccessRestriction: nonprofit, for education and research
  • HolderName: Jeffrey Hopkins
  • DigiCopyCollocations: Dharma Drum Mountain, Taipei
  • DigiCopyOwners: Jeffrey Hopkins | Chung-hwa Institue of Buddhist Studies
dc:source Hopkins' archive
  • Keywords: tshad ma/valid cognition/pramana/量; kha dog/colors/顏色; gzhi grub/established bases/成事; ldog pa/isolates/反體; rgyu 'bras/cause and effect/因果; yin log min log/opposite from being and not being/反是; spyi bye brag/generalities and particulars/總別; 'gal 'brel/mutually exclusive and related/相違與關係; gzhan sel/other excluder/排他;blo rigs/Awarenesses and Knowers/心類學; mngon sum/direct perceiver/pratyaksha/現前; rjes dpag/inferential cognizer/anumana/比度; bcad shes/subsequent cognizer/parichchhinna-jnana/再決知; yid dpyod/correctly assuming consciousness/manah pariksha/伺察意; snang la ma nges pa'i blo/awareness to which the object appears but is not ascertained/顯而未定知; the tshom/doubting consciousness/samshaya/猶豫; log shes/wrong consciousness/viparyaya-jnana/顛倒知; phyogs glang/Dignaga/陳那; chos kyi grags pa/Dharmakirti/法稱; tshad ma kun las btus pa/Compendium on Valid Cognition/Pramanasamuchchaya/集量論; tshad ma rnam 'grel gyi tshig le'ur byas pa/Commentary on (Dignaga's) 'Compendium on Valid Cognition'/Pramanavarttikakarika/釋量論;'khrul shes/mistaken consciousness/bhranti-jnana/錯亂知; rtog pa/conceptual consciousness/kalpana/分別知; snang yul/appearing object/pratibhasa-visaya/顯現境; zhen yul/determined object/adhyavasaya-visaya/耽著境; bzung yul/apprehended object/grahya-visaya/所取境; sems/mind/citta/心; sems byung/mental factors/caitta/心所; dmigs rkyen/observed object/alambana-visaya/所緣境; 'jug yul/object of engagement/pravrtti-visaya/趨入境
  • SubjectMatter: Introduction to dGe-Dun-Grub's extensive commentary on Dharmakirti's Commentary on (Dignaga's) 'Compendium of Prime Cognition' (Pramanavarttikakarika)
  • Genre: Portion of a Critical Analysis with oral commentary
  • Sect: dge lugs pa/Ge-lug-ba/Gelukpa/格魯
dc:title YT_002_0036, Yeshe Tupden on the "Ornament of Reasonings on Valid Cognition" (Tshad ma rigs rgyan) 《量理莊嚴論》 or 《量論理莊嚴》(Tshad ma'i bstan bcos chen mo'i rigs pa'i rgyan)
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