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    內容摘要說明:I was in the chair from 9:30 ~ 12:30 afternoon 2:30 ~5:30 and in the eve. from 2:30~10p.m. So too every day.
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    This dataset has no description

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    內容摘要說明:Ther. 79'. wrote letters for home mail. Very hot. A German Missionary wife and 38 girls came over and they sang we had a very nice time I escorted them to their boat....
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    內容摘要說明:教導; 內容摘要說明:Teaching
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    內容摘要說明:Walked to Pang-kio & in eve. at SaN-kak-eng went to Ellis & co.'s tea hong. Consul not present. In the eve. Spoke to quite a crowd----- Slept in a small dark...
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    This dataset has no description

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    內容摘要說明:早上來到大龍峒。病。; 內容摘要說明:Morning came to Toa-liong-pong. Sick.
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    內容摘要說明:50'.--Clear studying Geology etc. all day also Chinese--
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    內容摘要說明:Came into Toronto and stayed with Prof. McLaren
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    內容摘要說明:Busy about mission matters till near noon. Hurriedly called away to see a Mr. Bryant's child who was taken suddenly ill' went down to the Hospital and attended to the...
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    This dataset has no description

  • 臺灣基督長老教會長執修養會 Get Refined Records

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    內容摘要說明:誠摯的研讀耶穌的生平,走到海邊談論這個主題。停下腳步觀看漁夫想著加利利海,實在是默想的好地點。; 內容摘要說明:The life of Jesus was taken up heartily. Walked down to the sea talking about it. stood looking at fisherman and...
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    內容摘要說明:教導貝類學因為史提瑞先生有豐富的收藏,他睡在我中式房舍房唯一且黑暗的房間,我睡在長椅上。; 內容摘要說明:Taught conchology because Steere had a fine collection. He staid in the only dark room in my Chinese house. I Slept...
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    內容摘要說明:Went up to Burns ch --- addressed communicants then 4. P.M. -- crowded house when I spoke to them on "dedicating one's self"-
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    內容摘要說明:Snow on north Hill. Clear cold day' bracing and healthy… Taught all day in the Col. And at night had recitation.
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    內容摘要說明:Rain poured down and we were very cold and wet arrived in good time at Teng-siang-choe. Thien Teng a student was there and our eve. meeting attended…One young fellow was...
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    內容摘要說明:Still there and made it a general Review day --; 內容摘要說明:仍在那裡,我們在這天進行總複習。
  • 18721028 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:一個年輕人叫做陳火,他以前曾經在晚間參加聚會。當我在南部時,他前來請求更進一步的教導。他也是單身,我喜歡他的眼神並且希望他留下來與阿華一起。; 內容摘要說明:A young man called Tan-he who attended at nights before I went south came to seek further...
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