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    內容摘要說明:Went with Kan to He-io-a and returned by the seaside…Spoke on Christ's love in the house. At 11:45 p.m. was sent for by the teacher who has been ill of consumption....
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    內容摘要說明:我自己開始醫療的工作,到鄉下(兩哩外碰見一個人眼睛發炎,請求我到他家醫治)帶幾位病人回來醫治。然後開始準備傍晚的講道。有60人出席。有些年輕人感到興趣。在我主持一切之後,阿華對他們講話。; 內容摘要說明:Began Hospital work myself. Went into the country (two miles away...
  • 柯維思、偕以利、柯設偕、蕭美玉攝於馬偕博士夫人張聰明女士墓園 Get Refined Records

    內容描述:馬偕博士次女婿柯維思、次女偕以利、外孫柯設偕、外孫媳蕭美玉等合影於馬偕博士夫人張聰明女士墓園。 A photograph of Szu-Wei Ko' Yi-Li Kay' She-Kay Ko and Mei-Yu Hsiao taken before the grave of Dr. Mackay's wife' Tsung-Min Chang
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    內容摘要說明:Morning' afternoon and eve
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    內容摘要說明: Rev. Martin came for me and at 7 p.m. I addressed a meeting at Exeter. 400 present! Weather was quite storing. The gathering was good on the whole. Some seemed rather...
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    內容摘要說明: Baro. 30-18. Busy till we came out to Ho-be in a Rapid boat.
  • 18921207 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:Baro. 30-10. Usual work. Had Dr. Rennie and the Gauld's to supper. And as usual held Chinese service.
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    內容摘要說明:sick; 內容摘要說明:生病
  • 18770121 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:在新店。; 內容摘要說明:at Sintiam.
  • 18850416 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:Ther. 70'- Sailed all day and about 4 P.M. Came into Amoy. What excitement! Chinese all along the bank. Foreigners running on board to enquirie-.- We remained one hour...
  • 花蓮港教會設教80週年感恩禮拜 Get Refined Records

    內容描述:Thanksgiving Worship in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the founding of Hua-Lien Harbor Church. 感謝上帝的恩典,保守花蓮港教會經過80個寒暑,從1907年在加禮宛〈現嘉里村〉開...
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    內容摘要說明:A snake of the harmless kind caught in front of the house and brought for me to see. It was by actual measurement seven feet and a half.
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    內容摘要說明:At Tamsui teaching--
  • 18810219 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:Came to Hamilton' to Rev. M. Fletches met Rev. Laidlaw etc. -
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    內容摘要說明:Windy' cold. 9 a.m. at the Col.
  • 18750607 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:Got up early' took some food and started on our way to Go-ko-khiN. We got round behind Quanyin mountain in due time. i.e. before the sun came blazing out. Met at 7 P.M....
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    內容摘要說明:. Left Tamsui and arrived in Bang-kah time enough to have two services…
  • 18860104 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:Sun-a made the round with me' gave medicine to one poor child on the road side. Went into a farmer's house and extracted teeth. God back and 20. Savages from the mountain...
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    內容摘要說明:Got rooms at Royal Exchange Hotel' High Street. bought books from. R. W. Hunter' 19 George IV Budge' Edinburgh.
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    內容摘要說明:40 or 50 at worship' forenoon A-Hoa preached and in afternoon I did. on Isai. 1: 18 sins like scarlet-chapel small' trees all around.
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