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  • 18921216 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:Baro. 30-18. Under rain we marched to Leng-siang-khoe and were pleased with the work so far. Cold and wet.
  • 18930413 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明: Baro. 30-16. Cloudy weather. Spent some time with the Gauld's. Heard of a Preacher (Lim Giet) giving food to the staving Pi-po-hoan at Pho-au.
  • 18910330 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:Went to Hos. as usual and in the eve. Dr. F. Hirth called on me then I accompanied him to his house where we had tea and a delightful time. He played on his piano and...
  • 18840706 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:So-o Extracted teeth preached-- Ki-bu-lan' Tsin-tsu-li-kan Pi-thau' Ta-na-bi.
  • 接受葉能哲校長贈送紀念品的加拿大牛津郡代表 Get Refined Records

    內容描述:真理大學校長葉能哲(左一)為對遠從加拿大牛津郡來訪的友人贈送紀念品以表歡迎,由加拿大伍德斯多克市長(Mr. John Geoghegan,右一)、風笛隊隊長(左二)和拔河隊隊長(右二)代表接受紀念品。 President Neng-Che Yeh (left one) bestowing on the Canada...
  • 18741212 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:再度離開前往五股坑,晚上聚會,很晚才休息。; 內容摘要說明:Off again to Go-ko-khiN. Meeting at night. Retired late.
  • 18910506 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:A fine May day. A steamer and sailing vessel came in. Arose very early and got to work. Had a walk out with Dr. Rennie…Caught another large butterfly 10 inches across the...
  • 18920607 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:Baro. 30-12. Heard of rowdies instigated by a rich man at SaN-Khk-eng going into the chapel and destroying books etc. Sian Tien' the Preacher wrote an accusation and sent...
  • 18770722 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:在三重埔佈道等等。; 內容摘要說明:at SaN-teng-po preached etc.
  • 18800813 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:at home ------
  • 18950210 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:D drove the 12th line. 11th and cross to the 10th and failed in getting through. Had to come back.
  • 18780817 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:Toa-liong-pong; 內容摘要說明:大龍峒
  • 18800922 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:Started with Murray for Philadelphia
  • 18720321 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:After worship in the morning we made off for another PiN-po-hoan village. Waded through many streams of water bare footed. All in great glee marching along. at length...
  • 18941222 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:Came on by train to Woodstock and waited till 6 p. m. and went to Lilsonburg. Rev. Macgregor a very nice man.
  • 18881113 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:From early in the morning busy teaching Geography of Palestinian also Mathew 1st chap. Went to the Col. and met the Students at 10 A.M. at 1 P.M. went to the Hos. usual...
  • 18870416 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:Most oppressive weather. My whole soul grieved about reports of the Mission. After-noon a dozen men came with good news - God's Providence is Wonderful. Jesus reigns! O...
  • 18741215 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:Came out from the hills early in the morning and after Speaking at many villages got to SaN-teng-po.; 內容摘要說明:清早離開山上,經過沿路的許多村莊佈道之後到達三重埔。
  • 18910419 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:Jamieson did not sleep any since 10 p.m. on Fri…. I preached on redemption…Saw J. a good many times' still awake and on the whole unconscious… Dr. R. very attentive. We...
  • 18791225 Get Refined Records

    內容摘要說明:Mr. & Mrs. Junor came in the eve. Had worship.
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