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    內容摘要說明:Operated on soldiers Cap. of Fu-kien & Dr. fr. H. B. M. gun boat present. Dr. Brown' Cut off an arm etc. Wound fearful. Eve. Frater Dr. Brown Ashton' Jack & wife...
  • 中華民國葛理翰佈道大會之一 Get Refined Records

    內容描述:A scene at Rev. Graham's Grand Service in the Republic of China.(Ⅰ) 名佈道家葛理翰牧師於1975年來台灣舉行佈道大會,當時佈道大會主席陳溪圳牧師上台主持開幕禮拜,雖然是下雨的天氣,但整個台北體育館會場還是高朋滿座,可說是一次非常有收穫的佈道。
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    內容摘要說明:Moved on to Koe-lang and in the eve. had good service and preached on entering the ch. …the Kingdom of God…
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    內容摘要說明:Preached at both places 150 at Chiu-nih and 100 at Go-ko-khiN.; 內容摘要說明:在兩個地方佈道,洲裡150人,五股坑100人。
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