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    內容摘要說明: went in by boat to Toa-liong-pong Heavy rain' went half way to Sek-khau and to Bang-kah back to Toa-liong-pong -- Typhoon' storm at night I nearly killed fell headlong...
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    內容摘要說明: Took the train at 2:45 p. m. and got to Inverness at 9:30. Put up at Private Hotel by Mackenzie.
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    內容摘要說明:…Proceeded with Sun-a to Pak-tau. Arrived just in time to address the people' then visited four(4)families to see the sick…
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    內容摘要說明:I Cor. under consideration' also the Island of Ceylon and the heart of a pig. The human heart then Studied from a large plate.; 內容摘要說明:思考哥林多前書,也有錫蘭島和豬心。由大張的圖片研究人心臟的構造。
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    內容摘要說明:教學生詩篇第一篇以及歐洲大陸。; 內容摘要說明:Took up the first Psalm with the Students also the continent of Europe.
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    內容摘要說明:Usual work in col. and Girl's School
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    內容摘要說明:I went alone with Theng first to Bang-kah then Toa-liong-pong Lun-a-teng then walked to Chiu-nih and out to Ho-be.
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    內容摘要說明:在那裡講道,60人出席,回到大龍峒; 內容摘要說明:Preached then 60 present. Returned to Toa-liong-pong
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    內容摘要說明:Lat. 50 ~46 N Long. 137. 10 W Course N 74'15 W Distance 361 miles All sea-sick but myself.
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    內容摘要說明:Making an early start we passed through rice fields and over fine grazing land and at noon halted at Bang-a-hun-po' where about 200 pi-po-hoan are building houses' we...
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    內容摘要說明:Baro. 30-14. Raining weather. Spent a long time with the Gauld's. Heard them read the Gospel by Mark. They did very well. Eve. worship in dining room.
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    內容摘要說明:Came up all the way from Tiong-lek' through Tho-a-hng and Sin-tsng to Bang-kah. Sweet thanks-giving Service in the eve. Retired quite late Still fine weather.
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    內容摘要說明:在五股坑; 內容摘要說明:at Go-ko-khiN
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    內容摘要說明:Mrs. Mac. Went out to Tamsui to see the children' much better.
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    內容摘要說明:In morning at Tamsui Preached A hoa also afternoon' preached also Theng In eve. 12 men from H.M.S. "Sheldrake" came up to my place. I preached on Heb.12:1 Mr. Junor on...
  • 馬偕逝世百週年紀念系列活動之一陽明山中山樓感恩禮拜 Get Refined Records

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    內容摘要說明:Windy and cool whilst we made our way back to Tiong-lek. Again spoke in the streets about Jesus as savior-----" Hitherto hath the Lord Helped me"
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    內容摘要說明:Tremendous waves rolling from the North all day kept our vessel rising' falling heaving and creaking constantly' so that many stayed below. Finished reading "China and...
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    內容摘要說明:Went up to Go-ko-khiN and away up the table-land. Saw quite a number of fellows Squatted on a mat in a grass hut' playing cards -- and two in a corner at the soothing...
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